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America has decided who should lead them forward to greatness. The Washington elite and the mainstream media selectively amplified snippets of his comments to give you the impression that he was not worth examining for yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth. You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and this whole country to understand who Donald Trump is and what he has to say about the future of America.

The YouTube videos included in this focus on Donald Trump are compilations of media events that different users have composed. They are not unbiased selections, but they are intended to provide a representative overview of Donald Trump and his message. They are also designed to use as little of your time as possible.

My perspective is that Donald Trump is America’s Winston Churchill. Not perfect, but necessary. Winston Churchill was despised by the political elite of 1930’s England, but in 1939 he became the man whose leadership was necessary to save England and much of the Western world from an oppressive tyranny.

The reality is that there are seven intractable problems facing America today, and the next President must adequately resolve each one of them if America is to survive in relative freedom. Donald Trump was the only presidential candidate with a high chance of resolving any of them.

First, America’s national debt problem will collapse all of our futures if it is not dealt with. We already owe $20,000,000,000,000 or approximately $58,000 for every man, woman and child alive in America today. That represents almost a quarter of a million dollars of debt for every family of four in America. These are real dollars and real debts. Our way of life cannot be sustained if the rest of the world begins to believe that we either will not, or cannot repay our debts. It will become increasingly difficult to renew that debt as portions of it come due for repayment. That will result in massive inflation, if not hyper-inflation, that will destroy wealth and grind America to a halt. Donald Trump is a businessman who understands the need to manage debt.

Second, corporate globalism is weakening America by supporting international trade pacts which blur the borders between nations, for the purposes of trade and immigration. Both political parties have colluded with each other towards this goal. Globalist trade agreements benefit the corporate elite, but injure American workers by reducing the number of manufacturing jobs and increasing the supply of lower paid immigrants to fill them. Such trade pacts have had disastrous consequences on America’s trade deficits and are a significant component of our unsustainable debt problem. Donald Trump values free trade, but wants FAIR free trade. Trade which will allow American workers to use their skills to compete successfully on a level playing field.

Donald Trump believes that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which both political parties supported, has been a disaster for many Americans, and that the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is NAFTA on steroids, even before China gets secretly allowed into the agreement. Donald Trump is also opposed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), which is designed to expand NAFTA to facilitate the free movement of goods and workers between Canada, America and Mexico. The security portion of that agreement aims to provide a single security boundary around Canada, America and Mexico collectively. The Prosperity portion of the plan is currently focused on the free flow of energy and capital between the three counties, but the ultimate goal is a North American Union similar to the European Union, with all of the loss of American freedoms which that goal entails. In contrast, Donald Trump has indicated that he would place America’s interests first in all negotiations with other countries.

Third, America has a security problem, with a weak southern border which allows migrants, drugs and terrorists into the country unchecked. Donald Trump wants to solve that problem by building a secure border fence which allows legal immigrants in, after appropriate checking, but keeps illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists out. Who would have raised this issue if Donald Trump had not been willing to step up to this third rail of political correctness? No other presidential candidate is committed to building such a fence and offering America real security, as opposed to an imaginary and very porous counterfeit.

Fourth, Hillary Clinton and President Obama are leaving America with such a mess in the Middle East, that it will take a great negotiator to come even close to resolving that issue. A Donald Trump Presidency is the only viable solution against Islamic militarism. He is a consensus builder that will unite the world’s forces against the ISIS menace, and do it in a way that does not saddle Americans with a giant share of the costs, in terms of both lives and dollars. The unfortunate reality is that there are only two political systems that historically have demonstrated a capacity to accomplish their long-term goals. One is freedom, but the other is tyranny. Donald Trump stands for freedom, and he has the strength of conviction and persuasion to focus the free world’s resources against Islamic and other tyrannies.

Fifth, Russian militarism is on the rise. President Putin is systematically gearing up the Russian war machine, and also provoking his people to see America as the source of their problems. That combination is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and is very dangerous. We cannot ignore Russian militarism, and Hillary Clinton’s “Reset” button will continue to prove useless. We need a strong, accomplished negotiator like Donald Trump. He has the best chance of convincing Putin that Russia has more to gain from peace than territorial expansion.

Sixth, in 1956, the Chinese communists developed a 100 year plan to overtake world leadership. Their recent military actions in the South China Sea, and their development of hypersonic nuclear weapons, that we have no viable defense against, clearly indicate that they are well ahead of schedule. That immediate situation is probably already beyond repair, but a strong consensus builder like Donald Trump may still be able to keep the lid on China’s long-term expansionist policies and the recklessness of their proxy in North Korea.

The seventh major problem facing us is the loss of the basic freedoms that were established by the American Constitution. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, Freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, freedom from unlimited government control, and the freedom to protect ourselves against criminals, all depend upon the American Constitution, which is continually being watered down and eroded. If the next Supreme Court Justice is not chosen wisely, then all of the above freedoms will be irreparably diminished if not eradicated.

Like him or not, Donald Trump now has the task of dealing with all of the above seven problems. Fortunately, he communicates with Americans, young and old, who are tired of Washington politics. He is also a builder who understands what America needs to do to become great again. Please check out the above videos for proof of that.

America still need’s you to be attentive to the needs of the hour.

God bless you, and God bless America.

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